raven + crow studio is a Brooklyn-born, Los-Angeles-based creative agency that specializes in not being jerks.

Also, non-profit, corporate, and small business branding; logo development; design for screens and print; web design; marketing strategy; illustration; and art direction.

We like to say we make the world a prettier place in two ways—first, by being good at our job, creating beautiful, effective designs that grab an audience’s attention and communicate our clients’ goals. The second way is making an effort to work with clients who we think are actively making the world a better place. We enjoy partnering with non-profits that work in the environmental realm, sanctuaries that rescue mistreated animals, human rights groups, vegan-based businesses, and locally run, responsibly minded ventures. We love what we do day-to-day, but what keeps us going is knowing that we’re doing it all for a greater good.

In addition to running raven + crow studio, founders + principals Katie Frichtel + Troy Farmer also act as Creative Directors for MooShoes Los Angeles, the first (and only) extension of New York City-based vegan shoe store, MooShoes. They helped to secure the brick-and-mortar location for the store, designed the space, worked with contractors to fulfill their vision of it, hired staff, and continue to choose lines + products while driving the creative brand of the store and planning vegan-centric events for the community in the space.

Inquiring mind? Find out more about us in our FAQ page.

Photo: Anything But Gray Events