*WELCOME and congratulations on making a bold choice! We assure you, it will not be the last of your day. Let us guide you, friends, through this strange world of unfamiliar sounds on the journey to find YOUR NEW FAVORITE BAND. And mind the cat. He often gets underfoot.

"But how?" you may ask. "How do I find my new favorite band in this odd, kind of Dr. Who looking world?" It's simple, friend. All you need to do is "CLICK" on the image above to begin your exciting journey. On the following page, once you click the "PLAY" button, you will hear strange new sounds. Simply choose the most logical course of action, "CLICK" on said course, and venture on, brave listener, discovering ever more bands of merry performers and their presentations until you come to a resting point, having found the best band ever. You're welcome.

Two technical notes: You must have Adobe Flash to use the music player and, because of the page coding, if you ever find yourself on a page that seems to be missing your textual choices, simply expand the horizontal axis of the window. If that doesn't work, it may be that you're looking at this on a Commodore 64 or a 7" laptop. Which is weird.

We're afraid said awesome Rockventure—out of fairness to the artists involved—has been taken down. Liked it? Let us know. Maybe we'll do another one day...