We’re having a tough time articulating how very very heartbroken we are in the face of David Bowie’s death this morning. We were just reveling in the studio Friday at how amazing and current, even forward-looking, his new album—★ (Black Star)—struck us on its release date (and Bowie’s 69th birthday). It was just two months ago that in these pages we reacted with awe and excitement to the album’s title track and wonderfully spacey video. I think words akin to ‘he shows no signs of slowing down’ actually came from my lips. And now, he’s gone.

It’s one of those dual instances of just thinking he’d never go anywhere, showing such vibrancy and creativity and relevance and life at every turn, and also never quite being made to realize how impactful his life and work were on us both. This all makes us very much realize just that.

His site, which just this weekend simply promoted his new album, has transformed into a cascade of images and words that remind us that even more.

We’re simply so sad he’s gone. No he wasn’t a friend, no we didn’t know him personally, but he moved us, he inspired us, he made us dance, he showed us you could be talented and famous and gifted and not be an asshole; he wrote the soundtrack to our lives and he was our hero.

We can lean heavily on very true sentiments like we’re all so much better having shared this world with him and his art and the grace with which he lived his life will forever inspire us, but most of all, right now, we’re just so so sad. Especially after he showed us with his new work how far from ebbing his creativity and art were; how capable of beauty he still very much was. We’ll try to focus on the good, the positive, but right now, we’re just sad.

We loved you, sir.

You can listen to KCRW DJ Eric J. Lawrence’s show-long tribute to Bowie that he put together after hearing about his death last night. Photo above from last year by James King; others below and to the right for which we can’t find credits, but love nonetheless; and our new year’s card from last year, which you can see more fully on last year’s post.

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